Frequently Asked Questions

Family members are almost constantly at home and there is neither need nor can we afford to purchase it. However, time to time we leave home for short periods to go to our summerhouse. How can I protect my flat in this case?

You can enjoy our service “Seasonal service”. Our professionals will provide you with free installation of the alarm system. You will have to pay only subscription service fee.

Do you have a discount system for your clients?
  • 50% discount for people with special needs; war participants and armed forces veterans.
  • 20% discount for corporate clients per every next security object.
  • 20% discount for single payment of the whole subscription sum.
  • Period of grace for start-up businesses, companies participating in “Produce in Georgia” Program, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Security Service of Georgia and families of fighters for country’s unity; newly-married couples; new settlers.
  • Interest-free loan and so on.
I have forgotten to turn the alarm on when leaving home. I am late for work and cannot return. What shall I do in this case?

You can make a phone call and use your own personal code to connect the object to the security system or disconnect the object from it.

I use one of the private services. I really have no complaints about the service quality. What will be my benefits if I start using your services?

In case of transfer:

  • Full material insurance
  • One month free testing service
  • Individual discounts
  • Free renovation and modernization of the system
  • Fire detector, door phone system, alarm mobile phone, CO gas detector and other additional free services (sms support, transportation, cash collection, consultation, etc.)


We are oriented to a long-term relationship with you. Thus, you will definitely receive what you really need and what we promise you to provide you with.

How shall we become your customer?

Order the service using any suitable for you form:

  • Come to our office and order it;
  • In case of lack of time fill in the online form and mail it to: MAGISTRI@MAGISTRI.GE;
  • If you do not have time to fill in an online form, call the number 2912755; 599473399;
  • If you do not have time for a phone conversation just provide us with your contact information and we will visit you ourselves;
  • If none of it is acceptable for you - face your problems on your own.
My shop is equipped with metal bars and iron door as well as a reliable lock. I also have guards and a dog. What are the advantages of “your system” against “my system”?
  • Electro guard does not sleep, does not drink, is never late, never skips work, it is impossible to either frighten it or threaten, it does not “tip” thieves;
  • Unfortunately metal bars can be cut, locks are unlocked and so on;
  • What refers to a dog, although it is really a good friend and a great guard you cannot keep it responsible for late barking and failing to inform you of fire or theft.
How shall I understand whether my object is guarded or not?
  • After dialing the alarm code you automatically receive corresponding sms-information;
  • If you forget to turn on the alarm, you will automatically receive sms about this.
Does the alarm work in case of blackout?

The system has a reserve power supply, which provides uninterrupted work of the system for minimum of 24 hours.

What are the liabilities of the security service if it causes client’s material losses?
  • The conditions of damage refund are stipulated by the contract in agreement with the customer;
  • The law of Georgia, bank guarantees and insurance packet guarantee financial liabilities of “Magistri” Security Service to its customers.
  • Our company provides its customers with full refund, including the minimal period the contract provides the response group for arrival to the object.
Is it possible to install the alarm system in the repaired flat so that the walls remain intact?

It is possible. We use a wireless alarm system for this purpose.

Does the alarm system react to a domestic pet?

There are types of detectors, which do not react to a mass less than 30-45 kg.

How long does installation of the security alarm take?

One day after signing the contract.

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