Guard Code of Ethics Of Magistri

Code of Ethics “Magister” Ltd Guard Code of Ethics

Security Service “Magistri” was established following Georgian national legal heritage principles, principles of the Constitution and is based on Georgian laws about “Entrepreneurship” and “Private Security Activities”. By means of declaration of the present code, it admits its devotion to the basic human and ethical values of the humankind.

The security service “Magistri” operating within the framework of a social and legal State supports the basic human rights and freedoms, assumes responsibility to follow strictly the principles stated in the present code, having in mind that:

  • Georgia is a democratic state which recognizes the principle of supremacy of the statute law;
  • The security service “Magistri” is a private security organization which, strictly following the letter of the law and within its license, in accordance to the law of Georgia and the authority it is provided with within the set contract, provides security and protection of people’s lives and their movable and unmovable property (including transportation of movable items) and separate events. It carries out all necessary complexes of activities oriented to detecting and eliminating any threats and dangers to the guarded object.
  • The principle of statute law supremacy is the main principle for operations and activities carried out by the security service “Magistri”;
  • As a body providing public order, the security service “Magistri” is accountable for it.
  • The security service “Magistri” takes constant care to correlate guards’ personal professionalism with ethics, which is a pre-condition for the security service to establish authority and trust in public.
  • In addition to this, word for word following the principles declared in the present code shall promote development of society trust towards the security service and strengthening its prestige and authority.
  • The perception of belonging to a worthy profession and field of occupation is a guarantee for pride and professional worthiness of each member of the security service.
  • The purpose of the present code is deepening of personal responsibility to the norms of professional ethics in every employee of the security service “Magistri”.
  • Security Service “Magistri” code of ethics is valid for every employee of the Service who are responsible to follow this present code not only at work but outside it as well.

Principles of the Guard Activities

A guard, in his daily activities, shall respect and provide protection of the principles of  law, humanism, good faith, basic human rights and freedoms declared and established in the  code of ethics of the Security Service “Magistri”.

  • A guard who behaves in accordance with Georgian law about “private security service” shall respect and obey it. Before taking any action they shall take, they must first make sure of its legality.
  • A guard shall be careful, reserved and shall adhere to the moral norms as well as legal ones.
  • A “Magistri” guard shall respect human rights and basic freedoms.
  • A guard shall respect human rights and basic freedoms such as:

-    Property right;

  • Respect for dignity;
  • Right to life;
  • Right to freedom and safety;
  • Personal privacy;
  • A “Magistri” guard shall respect personal dignity of every human irrespective of racial, national, language, gender, age, religious affiliation, political or other views, property or merit state, social position, origin, education or other personal conditions or/and sexual orientation.


General rules of security guard behavior

  • For effective fulfilment of job responsibilities a guard must be well organized and wearing a fixed uniform pattern. A guard is responsible to share time effectively and rationally, and fully carry out the assumed responsibilities.
  • The guard is responsible to avoid disclosure of confidential and personal information in his/her position which can damage the interests of the third parties.
  • A “Magistri” guard is not allowed to enter casinos and slot machine saloons unless it involves work responsibilities. A uniformed guard must also avoid the environment unacceptable for a security professional (places of alcohol consumption, certain places of entertainment and so on).
  • Each security guard of “Magistri” Security Service must be conscientious in carrying out professional duties and responsibilities and must follow the letter of the law.
  • “Magistri” Security guard must duly react to his/her colleagues’ violation of the code of ethics. A guard must be irreconcilable with occurrences of this sort and must inform his/her superiors of such cases.
  • “Magistri” Security guard must reject any illegal offer or suggestion and must not take advantage of his professional position to benefit in any social, economic and/or any other way.
  • “Magistri” Security guard must not use professional information and personal data for satisfaction of personal interests and/or for the benefit of his/her close people.
  • “Magistri” Security guard is obliged to be polite, tactful and friendly in any communication.
  • The demands and/or admonitions must be made in a peaceful, polite and persuasive form. A security guard must avoid haughty application, threatening, irony, usage of slang and conversation in a familiar tone. Communication with any person and in any situation must be within ethical norms both during working hours and in free time.
  • During the working hours while on duty and communicating with citizens “Magistri” Security guard is prohibited to: smoke, use chewing gum, speak on the mobile phone, sitting in a car and be badly kept.

Relationship with colleagues

  • “Magistri” Security guard must be correct in his relationship with the colleagues. It is unacceptable to express personal attitude in a professionally inappropriate manner.
  • “Magistri” Security guard must refrain from familiarity during working relationship with the colleagues.
  • “Magistri” Security guard must sincerely provide the colleagues with necessary professional information and render an immediate assistance in case of necessity. A security guard must be irreconcilable with discipline violations committed by colleagues. Violation of the norms envisaged by the code of ethics will result in disciplinary penalty.

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